HEN Timeline

About HEN timeline

A brief timeline of Hic et Nunc (abbreviated: HEN or H=N), Teia, and beyond.
If you read this on Github, there is a more comfortable reading experience on Gitbook: https://crcdng.gitbook.io/hen-timeline/
This timeline captures key moments in the development of Hic et Nunc and beyond, including the evolution of Teia and the wider Tezos art communities.
I fact-check and attempt to keep this timeline as accurate as possible. If you believe in the ideas of second-order cybernetics, however, communication is always based on personal (observer) perspectives (no "objective truths"). Each act of communication therefore includes elements of facts, self-revelation, relationship and appeal. Therefore the timeline cannot be completely unbiased, the inclusion/exclusion of events already constitutes personal curation. Some entries contain interpretation and I hope the writing itself marks these sections as commentary.
The timeline is not associated in any way with Hic et Nunc founder Rafael Lima nor does it condone or pass judgement on his actions. There are other places more suitable for commentary.
If you spot errors or omissions, contact me on Twitter or file a bug report on Github.
Published under CC BY-NC 4.0. For academic citations see CITATION.cff.
Provided for the Tezos art communities by @crcdng.
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